The end of the era of free promotion on Facebook

Until few months ago Facebook as platform was most desired by brands to represent themselves and easily communicate with fans. They would post for free and most of their fans would see the posts and engage with it. Well now its an end to an era where brands would get free promotion on Facebook.

With the new algorithm people see more post with the friends they engage mostly and less then all of your friends, or friends of friends(as it was few months ago) until Facebook released the “Edge Rank” algorithm. Basically you see mostly posts from the same people and mush less from new people or brands.

So new people to be reached there’s “Sponsored Stories” option, where you can opt in to “boost” posts, so it will be served to more audience. But that reach to new people cost money and its not effective as its unnatural and non-organic. If you build the Facebook pages and put much effort doing so – Facebook is ruing all for you. Their response to this is that Facebook is business not charity, so they need to make money.

The thing is Facebook already makes money from ads(those that appear on the right side when you visit the site), but truth to be told the appearance of the ads that advertisers put there has small or none value. The “Sponsored Stories” should have brought more engagement to the paid reach i.e. to the ones who pay. They also wanted to stop the non-engaging post(spam posts) from appearing to the fans(like meme or cats photos), and because more and more pages there was they all “fight” for the same limited space(number of people).

This “pacific” thinking that everything is pink and we will live all happily is not completely true. The algorithm is made with intent to make the people pay for something few months ago was free. So even if you agree to pay the results shall be small or none. As more advertisers put ads on Facebook more expensive would run ads on it, and because the greater the competition the higher the cost(Cost Per Thousand – CPM) will be on each ad for example. This way there will be more ads on Facebook from different advertisers and their quantity will grow bigger, meaning you would need large budget but the results will be much lower. Meaning even if you pay that is not the solution that you are hoping for.

This situation is well explained by Derek Muller who has the YouTube channel Veritasium.

Here is the sequel:

As you can see there is no permanent solution to this problem. The brands can continue to support Facebook but they might need to transfer their main energie on other platforms which are mobile, because most of the traffic to their sites comes from mobile. Its mobile era – so having responsive(mobile ready) site can greately help you.

Also platforms like Instagram and Pinterest might be the platforms to expаnd. Each user is attracted to larger images and with image you can say more than with just words. The era of new platforms and mobile has started, and who know where can this take us?

If you have new idea for your business take it and make it happen. If doesn’t work from the start don’t give up yet. Discover new ways and there’s always a way if there’s will to make it happen.